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We're the leading provider for all things bot related on StreamMe.
With a direct line to StreamMe staff, over 1.2k bot names to choose from, over 3 years of StreamMe experience, and more
we're the best choice for your bot needs.

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Why Choose Us?

Simple. You won't get any better. We're the first independent bot developers, we're the most experienced with StreamMe, and we're the only ones you can rely on.

About Us

Marked Bots, although new itself, has a lot of experience developing bots for StreamMe.
Matthew, our founder, started developing bots on StreamMe back in 2015. He was, and remains to this day, the only consistent, 3rd party, and independent developer to create bots on the site.

Not too long after developing CoinBot, the first bot Matthew created, the owner of StreamMe reached out to Matthew to develop DJ Bot, a music playing bot which was originally built and targeted for streamers such as ONLYUSEmeBLADE which led to the formation of Bag of Bots.

Bag of Bots was shutdown however due to Matthew having to step down and step away from StreamMe as a developer and streamer. The chat became broken, making bots unusable.
However, they've updated their chat system (we've been watching closely) and we're back and better than before ready to rebuild DJ and all the other bots from the ground up.

Meet Our Team

Matthew H

Matthew H

The founder of Marked Bots and it's parent company Halfpetal LLC, Matthew has been developing bots for StreamMe since mid-2015. Creating CoinBot, which was highly requested by members of the community, as well as DJ, which had daily users, Matthew has worked to disect StreamMe's chat and write increasingly efficient bots that can be run on servers or by streamers on their own PCs.

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